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Find the location of the office of Tuscaloosa Bankruptcy attorney Rod Shirley.

Tuscaloosa Chapter 13 attorney Rod Shirely discusses the "Means Test" for bankruptcy filing.

Tuscaloosa Bankruptcy attorney Rod Shirley discusses what action is available to debtor's when medical, job or other issues impact negatively on a debtor's income used to pay the Chapter 13 plan.

Tuscaloosa bankruptcy attorney Rod Shirley discusses how a debtor qualifies to file bankruptcy.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama bankruptcy attorney Rod Shirley discusses what the Chapter 7 or Chapter 14 trustee normally does with debtor's personal property (clothes, furniture, etc.)

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Rod Shirley, Tuscaloosa Bankruptcy Lawyer, talks about the role of the Trustee at a Chapter 7 341 hearing.

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Tuscaloosa bankruptcy attorney Rod Shirley discusses why people file for bankruptcy protection.

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.Camron Law represents clients in the Alabama communities of Jasper, Demopolis, Greensboro, Moundville, Brent, Marion, Winfield, Fayette, Berry, Centreville and Livingston; as well as Tuscaloosa County, Marion County, Winston County, Walker County, Fayette County, Lamar County, Pickens County, Bibb County, Sumpter County, Greene County, Hale County, Perry County, Shelby County and Jefferson County.